Serve Our City

The Refinery Church


Our mission is to help people love and follow Jesus for life. We do this by loving God, loving people, and helping people love God.
Each month we have an outreach focus that is part of a three-fold goal. First, we want to raise awareness for the needs that are presently in our community. People can’t help bring about change if they are not first aware of the change that is needed. Second, we look to meet the needs of our community in a tangible way. We can’t solve any of these issues in a single month, but we can help make a move towards bringing relief and restoration in these areas in partnership with other organizations. Finally, we look to unleash our people to make an impact. We invite folks to donate or volunteer at organizations in our city as a part of this goal.

2023 Outreach calendar

Our church is committed to serving the needs of the city of Columbus and our surrounding communities. At The Refinery, we look to partner with organizations in our city that are doing meaningful work in an on-going way. Our goal then is to come alongside them by encouraging and supporting the work that they are doing. Below is our tentative 2022 Outreach Calendar. We invite you to look ahead and and prayerfully consider how you can be  involved this year.



The needs in our community are many, and there is no single church that can fully address them. However, there are a number of great churches and organizations in our community that can be a part of the solution. Below are several we as a church have partnered with. We encourage you to visit their sites below and learn more about each one.

Community Partner


How did you pick these organizations?

Everything we do at The Refinery to stay on mission, begins with prayer. The organizations we’ve selected have been prayerfully considered. They also address issues we are aware of in our community and issues that we see God speak to in the scriptures. We do our best to vet organizations prior to supporting them to be sure they are doing good work in the community and they are worthy of the trust of our people.

Do you follow up with these organizations on a regular basis?

Our level of commitment with each community partner varies. Some of these organizations we partner with multiple times a year, while others we may only partner with one month out of the year. We’re open to adding or removing partners as the dynamics within our community and church evolve through the years. Each of these organizations partners with a number of churches and individuals to do the work they do. We’re thankful to be one such organization contributing to their work in our community.

Outside of your monthly focus, what do future serving opportunities look like?

Our monthly outreach focus is intended to be a catalyst for serving but not an all-inclusive approach. Individuals and groups in our church partner with other organizations and serve in a myriad of ways around our city. Some of these things we are aware of and some of them we are not. We cheer on our folks to share the love of Jesus through serving others.

Can my organization be a partner for The Refinery?

We are open to partnering with any organization that is doing meaningful work in our community and is in line with our mission to help people love and follow Jesus for life. If you have an organization or donate/volunteer with an organization that you think we should consider, please email the office. Tell us about the needs being addressed and how we might come alongside the organization in the work they are doing. We intentionally limit the number of organizations we partner with because we recognize that if we try to do too much, then we’ll become too thin in our approach. However, we love to hear of how organizations are investing in the lives of others and to prayerfully consider if God would lead us to partner in some way with that work.